Our Core Principles

At Pepper Tours, it’s not just any Indian holiday experience but one that is designed around your customers’ needs. Holidays where your customer does not need to keep pace with the world. Holidays where your customer can immerse themselves in an exotic culture, led by an expert who knows all the secrets. Holidays where they can lose count of the seconds and live in the moment. That’s the way to Pepper up a Holiday! And by the way, we are highly recommended too.

Our holidays are curated on our core principles which are:
  1. To create bespoke travel experiences.
  2. To create an engaging local experience.
  3. To leave a destination as it is by minimising the negative impacts of tourism. We aim to brief our customers and ensure that they respect the local community, their culture, religious beliefs and customs.
  4. To promote a destination only if we can ensure that it is beneficial to the local community too. To share the benefits of tourism with the local stakeholders so that we give back to the local community a share of the profits considering that we use the local resources for our benefit.
  5. To create experiences which are environment-friendly.
  6. To be compassionate to animals and seek expert advice before using animals in any of our experiences.
  7. Take all efforts to send customers back home with memorable experiences of their holiday in India.
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